Welcome to Smoothie Showdown

This is a gentle detox of 5 smoothies a day for 3 days.  Each smoothie has a variety of fresh ingredients packed with nutrition to "blitz your body"!

The Smoothie Showdown is designed to increase clarity and concentration while flushing out toxic buildup in the body. While weight loss is not a primary goal, it may be a secondary benefit. This is different from a juice cleanse where you consume extracted liquids from fruits and veggies. Organic, whole foods and nutritional supplements will be be blended in your smoothies. This means that fiber, carbs, proteins and healthy fats will support you with energy throughout the day.

Some things to consider a few days before you begin your detox:

  • Rest
  • Hydrate
  • Try to decrease intake of sugar, meat, caffeine and alcohol

Some things for you to know during the detox:

  • Hydration is key - a nice compliment to the smoothies is lemon water, peppermint tea or decaf green tea.
  • If you’re hungry you can eat! No judgement here! If you feel you need a bit more to sustain you, try to eat clean, organic foods.  A lean protein, a light salad, etc. If you want to hold off on a smoothie and reach for solid food - do!  Just make a healthy choice on what you eat. You can always freeze a smoothie for a future nutritional boost.
  • Each day may be different with how your body may feel - go gently and listen to the messages it sends you.
  • You’ll have online support via email and on the tri Embrace Facebook page.


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