Q:  What is the difference between juicing and your smoothie detoxes?

A: Juicing is where you consume extracted liquids from fruits and veggies.  Organic, whole foods and nutritional supplements are blended in my smoothies.  This means that fiber, carbs, proteins and healthy fats will support you with energy throughout the day.


Q:  How long can I refrigerate my smoothies?

A:  I recommend consuming smoothies within 24 hours or place them in the freezer.  Smoothies can be thawed in your fridge overnight (in a freezable container).  If ingredients have settled - no worries - just give the smoothie a gentle shake.


Q:  There are so many diets and trends in eating healthy, which one do you recommend?

A:  I believe in the concept of Bio-Individuality which explains that everyone's body is different. A universal diet can't be successful for everyone because we all have individual needs.  Ideally, incorporating more whole foods into your life, listening to the messages your body sends you and practicing a way of healthy eating that's sustainable is key to optimal health.  Working with a health coach can help you reach this goal.


Q:  What are the benefits of eating foods in season?

A:   You receive the most nutritional impact when you eat foods that are in season. You nourish your body with foods that are growing in their natural time - ripe and nutrient-dense. Foods you consume in season just taste better, too!  Foods you buy in season also cost less. Foods in season are often abundant so the cost is significantly less to the consumer.  Eating with the seasons also means that you can purchase food locally. This give you the chance to develop a relationship with the people who are growing your food. By getting to know the farmers you develop an awareness of where and how you're food is grown. You also benefit your community by supporting the local farmers.