Q:  What is the difference between juicing and a detox?

A: Juicing is where you consume extracted liquids from fruits and veggies.  Organic, whole foods and nutritional supplements will be blended in your smoothies.  This means that fiber, carbs, proteins and healthy fats will support you with energy throughout the day.


Q:  There are so many diets and trends in eating healthy, which one do you recommend?

A:  No one diet works for everyone.  Not every food works for every body.  We have individual needs. Balance is key once you determine which foods serve your body well. Ideally, incorporating more whole foods into our lives, listening to our bodies needs and practicing a way of healthy eating that's sustainable is key to optimal health.  Working with a health coach can help you reach this goal.


Q:  How do you structure your cooking classes?

A:  Our cooking classes are in keeping with the seasons and are offered in a variety of themes such as couples, families, Girls Night Out and "Little Chefs" to cater to the inner foodies, young and old.


Q:  What supplements do you use in your smoothies?

A:  I use protein and super green supplements in various smoothie recipes that:  support optimal blood sugar levels, healthy immunity, exercise recovery, energy, regularity and detoxification.  Supplements are organic, non-GMO, gluten free and contain no added sugars.


Q:  How long can I refrigerate my smoothies?

A:  I recommend consuming smoothies within 24 hours or place them in the freezer.  Smoothies can be thawed in your fridge overnight (in a freezable container).  If ingredients have settled - no worries - just give the smoothie a gentle shake.