12 on Health: Foods that help fight diseases

Fun day yesterday featuring Tri Embrace's soups and smoothies on News 12!


Jeannine is a light. It is that simple. Her knowledge, her skill set, her nature is to share those qualities. Life brings many challenges, sometimes new health concerns, possibly new restrictions, but Jeannine can help you find or reset the balance that you are missing. But almost more importantly, she will help you to achieve your goals while learning to be kind to yourself. Jeannine was the kindness I didn’t even know I was missing....and I thank her for sharing her light with me!
— Jennifer T
I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome smoothie program! It has totally helped me to get on the right path for eating, which for me is no easy feat (ask Jen). I was like a crackhead with my sweet/sugar cravings. It totally helped to kick that and I FINALLY started doing Yoga! Since the smoothies, Trav (husband) has lost about 15 lbs. He’s been eating so well and exercising so much. We will definitely do it again!
— D. Faerdy
Door to Door Smoothies is a perfect way to start the day.....I have a smoothie as my breakfast and it puts me in the mindset to eat more “clean” the rest of the day. The delivery service also ensures that I don’t take the lazy way out and just eat something I have at home that might not be as healthy of a choice. I’ve also done the Smoothie Detox twice and felt great both times with the added bonus of losing a few pounds!
— B. Boyle
Happy to be part of the first of many!!! I have participated in several 3-day cleanses and I feel that they are a quick, easy way to reset, lose a couple of pounds and refocus on healthy habits. What stood out about your product was the freshness and variety of ingredients and added nutrients, the fact that I didn’t feel hungry (or hangry!), I had WAY MORE ENERGY, and worked out 2 out of the 3 days, which I could not do on any other cleanses to any satisfactory degree, and they were all delicious. Plus the support and attention you provide to your “smoothie worshippers” was so truly genuine and from the heart. Thank you, I’m a fan, keep going girl.
— M. Grenier